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From Yale to Grand Central Station | Faberry

Quinn was excited to finally have a weekend where she didn’t need to study for anything, she had just gotten back her grade for her test that she had had on Monday and was pretty excited to found out that she had aced it. Her first ‘A’ in college, so later that day she had treated herself to a frapuccino from Starbucks and then had lunch at Viva Zapata.  Now she was just packing her weekender bag for a trip to New York to visit Rachel and Kurt. She’d head back to New Haven Sunday evening and then get ready for her classes on Monday. 

Once Quinn was packed with two dresses, a jacket, and a cardigan, she quickly checked her purse to make sure that she had everything. Her train pass was already in one of the pockets and her wallet was there. She stuck her brush and make up into her weekender bag and grabbed her phone to put into her purse as she locked her door and walked out of the dorm hall. 

Luckily for her, the train station wasn’t very far away and when she got there, she got her ticket and then boarded the train. She took a seat and then pulled out her phone to let Rachel know that she had just boarded her train and that she would be there in an hour and fifty minutes before putting her phone away. She grabbed out a book to read and put her weekender bag on the seat next to her. She figured that if there ended up being a person who needed to sit next to her, she could move it. However, once everyone was on board, no one asked to sit next to her so she just started reading her book. 

Before Quinn knew it, having gotten absorbed into her book, she was at Grand Central Station. She grabbed her purse and bag, tucking her book into her purse and grabbing out her sunglasses before getting off the train. She sent Rachel a quick text to let her know that she would be waiting at the benches for her to come and get her. Quinn brought her bag over to the seating area and left her phone out, sitting on one of the benches and placing her bag next to her. 

#para: fytgcs #ooc: according to google it takes 100 to 110 minutes to get from new haven to nyc #faberry #paras #p: rachel

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